About Grant

Grant Purpose:

To support our beneficiaries into higher education and promote their success stories as they achieve results in their chosen fields.

Grant Criteria:

Trustees will consider applications for a grant from students who satisfy the following criteria:

  • Student must be current owner or beneficiary of an owner or whanau trust
  • You are enrolled in Year 9 or above at a recognised secondary school boarding school as a full time boarding student.
  • Must have a BE number.  If you do not know this contact the office.
Registration Process:
  • You must be a current owner or a beneficiary of an Individual Owner or Whanau Trust.
  • If you have not registered click here to register REGISTER 

Grants will be paid directly to the boarding school.

  • Applications will be considered in March and paid in the month 
  • Payments will be made within 14days after the consideration of the application
  • An email or letter will be sent advising the applicant

What You Need Before You Apply

The letter from the school providing the stating the following information: Here is a sample of the letter Sample Boarding School Letter

  • Confirmation of School and Hostel Acceptance
  • Annual Boarding school fees
  • Acceptance into the Boarding School
  • School Bank Account
  • Letter signed by either the Principal/Deputy Principal or Manager of Boarding Hostel​​

Application Process

Apply for 2024 Boarding School Grant

2024 Boarding School Grant - Open 

Instructions for applying online

Only students who are a beneficiaries of an owner or whanau trust

Please fill out the online form and submit your 2024 Boarding School Grant before 29 February 2024

If you do not know your Beneficiary (BE) number, please contact the office

Smart phone users

Our online applications support mobile devices.  Take photos of your required documentation and upload them where required as you progress through the form.  All photos must be visible/readable.  Unclear photos will delay the processing of your grant.