The Omataroa Hunting Club manages access permits to the Forest for registered members who must be owners or descendants of owners of Omataroa Rangitaiki No. 2. Permits allow access for the purposes of hunting, trapping and firewood collection on the ground only (note no chainsaws are allowed in the forest due to the risk of forest fires).

The Hunting Club offers regular Kiwi Aversion training sessions for Hunter's dogs. All dogs must have completed the training before permits will be issued.

The Hunting Season is OPEN

Omataroa Forest - High Fire Risk

During the dry season, Rayonier Matariki Forest may place a high fire risk on Omataroa Forest.  If this occurs, NO permits will be issued for firewood collecting in the forest.

Please contact Rangi Raki (President) or visit the Omataroa Hunting Club Facebook page for further information.

Omataroa Hunting Club (OMHC) Rules

  1. Hi Viz MUST be worn by all members of hunting party
  2. Dogs MUST be "Kiwi Evasion" Certified (Certificates to be carried at all times)
  3. NO Hunting in any reserves (Waiwhero/Ngakauroa, Puhikoko)
  4. Four dogs per permit ONLY
  5. Entry ONLY by permit
  6. All vehicles MUST be legal and road worthy
  7. Hunters using firearms MUST have a Firearms licence
  8. Eligible members must be 16yrs and older
  9. Permit holder is responsible for his/her hunting party
  10. Permit holder responsible  for KEY (Loss of  key will result in $1,000 reparation fee)
  11. Permits are NOT transferable
  12. Report all lost dogs to a committee member urgently (to help protect our kiwi)
  13. MUST renew permit to go and find lost dogs
  14. Financial members ONLY will be allowed permits to Omataroa Forest for hunting
  15. Any complaints or disciplinary action shall be dealt by the OMHC committee
  16. Random checks shall be carried out by committee members
  17. Report any suspicious activities or behavior
  18. Report any fires
  19. Members pay an "Annual Levy" for membership
  20. MUST stop and comply with forest managers and security staff.

Hunting Club Map 

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