• All shareholders and their descendants who are 18+ must register to be eligible to receive grants, unclaimed dividends, correspondence and other benefits from the trust.
  • A list of owners can be obtained from the Maori Land Court or can be accessed from their website www.maorilandonline.govt.nz

Registration Process

  • Registration forms can be completed online, obtained either by mail or in person from our office. Separate registration forms have been created for each shareholder type:
    • Individual Shareholder
    • Beneficiary of an Individual Shareholder
    • Whanau Trust
    • Beneficiary of a Whanau Trust
  • The main information required, beside personal details, are your whakapapa and attachments verifying your bank details, proof of identification, vesting orders, inland revenue numbers and name(s) of your children and birth dates.

Beneficiary of an Individual Shareholder or Whanau Trust

  • The Individual Shareholder or Whanau Trust must register in the first instance to validate the registration of a beneficiary.  If unsure the shareholder or Whanau Trust has registered contact the office on (07) 929 5692.

Verification Process

  • No registration is accepted until its authenticity has been verified. In some instances, registrations have been rejected.
  • Rejection usually occurs because of insufficient or incorrect whakapapa details and attachments have not been supplied.


  • Shareholders and their descendants will be notified the outcome of their registration within 30 days of receiving their completed form. 
  • Those shareholders who have been successfully verified will receive an OMR2 registration number.


Step 1

rEAD ALL information

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When completing the registration online, electronic copies of documentation should be image file or word/pdf documents.

IRD Number:

  • Require an IRD Number (if you have this available)

Proof of Identification:

  • A copy of ONE document either a Drivers Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate, Gun Licence, 18+Card, Birth Certificate or Super Gold Card (back of it showing your name and signature)

Bank Account Verification for Individuals, Beneficiaries or Whanau Trusts:

  • Require a copy of a bank generated deposit slip/printout or Bank Statement to confirm your Bank Account


  • Must provide whakapapa (at least three generations) to confirm your link to a shareholder or Whanau Trust that CURRENTLY appears on the OMR2 Shareholder Registry. We require three generations as follows:
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Gt Grandparents

Children Details (if applicable): 

  • We require the names of your children, gender and date of births.

​​​Whanau Trust:

  • Must produce an electronic copy of the full VESTING ORDER and the ORDER CONSTITUTING A WHANAU TRUST.  If you do not have this documentation contact Maori Land Court for a copy. 

Individual Registration Form  This form is for shareholders who are on the OMR2 Register and are registered with Maori Land Court. 

Beneficiary of an Individual Owner Form  This form is for a direct descendant who is 18+ of an individual shareholder e.g. children, mokopuna

Whanau Trust Registration Form  This form is for a whanau trusts who are on the OMR2 Register and are registered with Maori Land Court

Beneficiary of a Whanau Trust Form This form is for a direct descendent of a whanau trust who are 18+