About Grant

Grant Purpose:

For those applicants who require to travel outside the area for specialised treatment (e.g. Dialysis, Cancer, Heart and Other Treatment at Trustees Discretion) the following grants are awarded:

  • Travel Grant $100.00 (Applicants may apply up to three times per year for the Travel Grant and must be 70km or more)-
  • Travel & Accommodation Combined up to $300.00
Grant Criteria:

You must be registered with the Trust to be eligible to apply for this grant (i.e. you need to have been issued a beneficiary number:

  • If you have not registered click here REGISTER 
  • An email or letter will be sent advising the applicant the outcome of their application
  • Payments will be made within 10 days after approval of the application
  • Funds will be paid directly into the applicants nominated bank account

What You Need Before You Apply

Travel Grant Criteria:
  • A Referral Letter from a Registered Specialist (not a GP) confirming specialised treatment
  • Travelling distance must be 70km or more (one way) from the applicant's residence to the place of treatment
Accommodation Criteria:
  • Provide a Tax Invoice/Receipt to verify accommodation expenses
  • The tax invoice/receipt must coincide with the dates of treatment 
Grant Documentation:
  • Applicant must a have a bank account in their own name or parent's name (if applicant is a minor) and provide verification

Application Process

Apply For Travel & Accommodation Grant

 2020 Travel & Accommodation Health Grant - Open


Instructions for applying online

If you do not know your Beneficiary (BE) number, please contact the office

Smart phone users

Our online applications support mobile devices.  Take photos of your required documentation and upload them where required as you progress through the form.  All photos must be visible/readable.  Unclear photos will delay the processing of your grant.