About Grant

Grant Purpose:

To assist our kaumatua and beneficiaries in meeting some of the costs incurred in travel and accommodation to attend medical appointments. There is no age limit associated with this grant

Grant Criteria:
  • ​Owners/beneficiaries in the Trust can apply for a maximum grant of up to $300.00 for both the Travel and Accommodation per calendar year.
  • For those required to travel outside of the area for specialised treatment (e.g. Dialysis, Cancer, Heart and Other Treatment at Trustees Discretion) 
  • Travel Only $100.00 per appointment up to $300.00 (applicants may apply up to three times). Travel must be least 70km distance to destination.
  • Travel and Accommodation up to $300 in total.
  • Provide a tax invoice or specialist letter or appointment card.

Registration Process:

  • You must be a current owner or a beneficiary of an Individual Owner or Whanau Trust.
  • If you have not registered click here to register REGISTER 


  • An email or letter will be sent advising the applicant the outcome of your grant application
  • Payment will be made within 14 days after the consideration of the application
  • Funds to all approved applications will be paid directly to your nominated bank account

What You Need Before You Apply

  • Must have a NZ Bank Account No.
  • Must provide tax invoice or receipt as proof of payment

Application Process

Apply For Travel & Accommodation Health Grant