About Grant

Grant Purpose:

This grant will open on 1 February 2024 and close on 30 November 2024. 
Organisations that are mentioned below will not be eligible to apply to the Discretionary Grant Fund.
This grant is paid on a reimbursement basis as per the new Grant Policy.

  • Community Marae
  • Community Religious 
  • Community Cultural 
  • Community Other
Grant Criteria:
  • To promote cultural activities in the community, at hapu and iwi level
  • To provide support for cultural development for kaumatua
  • To provide financial assistance for recognised community groups who align within the framework of support to beneficiaries and
    members of the community.
  • To provide support towards marae for building maintenance repairs, insurance and health and safety initiatives.
  • A link to the community grant will be emailed to the main contact person.
  • An email or letter will be sent advising the applicant the outcome of your grant application
  • Payment will be made within 28 days after the consideration of the application
  • Funds to all approved applications will be paid directly to your nominated bank account

What You Need Before You Apply

  • Your tax invoice or receipt of payment 
  • Organisation bank account 

Application Process

Apply For Community Grant

  Community Grant - Link will be forwarded

Instructions for applying online

Smart phone users

Our online applications support mobile devices.  Take photos of your required documentation and upload them where required as you progress through the form.  All photos must be visible/readable.  Unclear photos will delay the processing of your grant.